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FFBC Letter to Senator Bean on Personal Care Attendant Legislation

- Apr 19, 2021

Families for Better Care's letter to Senator Aaron Bean (R-Jacksonville) requesting an amendment to SB1132 that would prohibit personal care attendant hours from being included within the nursing home staffing calculation. April 6, 2021 Senator Aaron Bean Duval Station 13453 North Main Street Suite 301 Jacksonville, FL 32218 RE: SB 1132 Comments Dear Seantor Bean:...

FFBC DIRECTOR STATEMENT: Give Nursing Home Residents $300 Bonus Stimulus Payment Using Collected Fines

- Dec 31, 2020

"Since Senator McConnell refuses to act on the $2,000 stimulus for every American, President Trump should go ahead and help those who have been tormented the most by this plague. Give every nursing home resident an extra $300 using the federally collected nursing home fines.More than $450 million available in this relatively untapped gold mine. President Trump should order the Center for...

Most Nursing Homes Failed COVID19 Testing Recommendation

- Nov 6, 2020

It appears coronavirus rapid testing in nursing homes is not-so-rapid after all. A new study released by JAMA Internal Medicine showed that “only a small fraction” of nursing homes were able obtain COVID-19 testing results for staff or residents within the recommended surveillance guideline of less than 24 hours.   Deployment of point of care antigen rapid testing...

REPORT: Feds Fail to Unlock Nursing Home “Slush Fund” to Fight COVID19

- Oct 30, 2020

A Gray Media investigation has blown the lid off of one the nursing home industry’s most guarded secrets—it’s called the Civil Monetary Penalty Reinvestment Fund. Nearly half a billion dollars of federally collected nursing home fines have flowed into the fund and now these monies are just languishing in state coffers, accruing interest instead of being used to...

Texas Nursing Home Blistered with "Massive" Fine

Families for Better Care - Oct 28, 2020

Texas’ Health and Human Services imposed a “massive” $120,000 fine against River City Care Center in San Antonio after inspectors discovered conditions that placed residents in “immediate jeopardy” of harm. The fine dates to a July 4th investigation when the facility’s HVAC system failed.  Indoor temperatures rose above 80 degrees in some...
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