FFBC Statement on Governor Abbott’s Latest Nursing Home Action

Jul 1, 2020

Families for Better Care executive director Brian Lee released this statement on Governor Abbott’s decision to use $9 million in federally collected nursing home fines to implement infection control projects for nursing homes:

“Governor Abbott’s latest attempt to protect nursing home residents from COVID19 is a total backfire.  His decision to unlock $9 million of federally collected nursing home fines to pay for limited infection control interior redesigns, additional thermometers, and minor upgrades to personal protective equipment for staff—while appearing laudable—is actually a gargantuan waste of resources.  His action does little to abate this crisis nor move Texas any closer to reopening facilities to families who haven’t seen loved ones for months.

“Governor Abbott’s latest attempt to protect nursing home residents from COVID19 is a total backfire."

“What Governor Abbott should do to help nursing home residents is immediately jettison this plan, pick-up the phone, call President Trump, and ask for his authorization to coordinate the order and delivery of rapid testing machines for every Texas nursing home using collected nursing home fines.  Rapid testing machines will help shield nursing homes from the coronavirus.  So much so, that the Center for Disease Control is now recommending rapid testing for nursing homes with deliverable results in 48 hours or less to 'facilitate effective interventions.'  A great way to accomplish that standard is to procure molecular point of care machines for all facilities now.  Governor Abbott, please make that happen for residents and their caregivers before more lives are snuffed out.”



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